not like the movies.

Love is not like the movies
There's no special way love forms
Sometimes, it just happens
Without someone taking our breath away

We live life hoping for a happily ever after
Because Cinderella and Prince Charming did
But we start to learn that life's full of challenges
We must endure life and grow

Love is not like the movies
There's no beginning, middle and end
There's just that tingly feeling
The way you feel when something is right

There's no such thing as happily ever after
If you want to be happy you must work on it
Love will only continue to grow
If you're willing to do anything for that special person

Love is not like the movies
We don't always get the chance of a happy ending
But we do make the decisions that lead to it
We must build strength, hope and patience
In order to conquer our future battles

Love is not like the movies
Maybe our love can be better
If we are willing to fight for it
We can make the most out of life ▲


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